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Hi Guys, My name is Debbie Morton and I am a personal trainer!

It still sounds crazy when I say that because just over 4 years ago my life was completely different. A wife and mother of two young children ultimately I started training with a personal trainer and decided this was my passion and I was going to follow it.

I’ve always believed and loved being active daily, whether that is just for going for a walk, Yoga, Swimming or lifting weights it makes me feel alive and I empower that in all my clients! Get active daily! Does not have to be a lot but do something.

The Training that has changed my life, Body and all round mental health is strength training! It really has become my love! Deadlifts and squats to name just a couple are where my passion lies. Lifting makes me feel strong and in control of my whole life if Im honest and  I love to make my clients feel this way in all my PT Session’s. I like to show my clients they can do anything they put their mind to and I love being able to help and guide them.

I am proud and honoured that I have qualified in Pre and Post Natal training.  This was so important to me and close to my heart as I really struggled finding support before and after my own pregnancies.

I am also a sports massage therapist, so if you are looking for a maintenance massage or if you have any specific areas that need treating then look no further.

I can also offer nutritional guidance, I’m not a nutritionist but if you book your pt sessions with me I am happy to offer support and guidance, quite often food diaries are helpful.

I love being a  mother and  making sure my boys know how important it is to be active Half the time they are joining me in my gym, box jumping or trying to lift a weight or two, I love they see me being active and they are influenced by it in such a positive way.

One thing about me you need to know is I am always looking for new exciting ways to train and make my training and my clients training as exciting and fresh as possible! Boxing classes! Olympic weight lifting! Kettlebell master classes! You name it I’m learning it! I have recently qualified as a Strong by Zumba Instructor, which is a brilliant class offering hiit workouts to brilliant music. I will always find ways to motivate you and make your sessions exciting, no Pt Session will ever be the same or boring I promise you this! And my goal is your goal and we together will get you there.

So look no further come and check out my Gym and my outside boot camp court yard! Call me for consultation today!




I have recently qualified as a Strong by zumba instructor and my class is at 9.30am every Wednesday at The Workout Factory Dunstable, come along to find out more about this high energy diverse workout!

strong by zumba

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