Let’s talk Calories!


In my last blog I spoke about goals and one of mine this month, well up until 17th October actually is to count my calories.  It’s not a diet, I don’t believe in those and I’m not weighing myself either.  I’m simply going to live each day eating a little less and I will keep it going for just over 6 weeks.  The goal is to drop some body weight and feel happier with what I see in the mirror, that is simply it 🙃

So when you think about Calories, what are they, how do you use them?And what is a deficit and what does it mean to be in one?

The number of calories in food is measured by how many carbs, fats and proteins it has.  A gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories, a gram of protein has 4 calories and a gram of fat has 9 calories. Foods are a compilation of these three building blocks and that is what creates the amount of calories in your food you are eating each day. I am literally interested in the calories alone, I’m not counting my carbs or fats or even proteins although I will be choosing foods with higher protein over ones that are lower.

When you set yourself a goal for losing some weight or more importantly some body fat (We can also lose weight that is just water from the body and if i do it completely wrong, muscle mass 🙀) I Don’t want that.  The first thing I advise people to do is learn how many calories they should be consuming each day.  There is a simple calculation out there, It is a calculation I use, it basically sets you up for how many calories to eat per day that will keep you maintaining what you currently have.  To lose weight you need to put this in to a deficit.  Which means you eat less calories than the body needs to go about your daily activities.  And on average to lose a 1lb a week you need to be in a deficit of 500Kcals per day.  

To speed this process up a bit you can add exercise to your daily lifestyle and also increase your level of non exercise activity threshold, also known as NEAT.  This basically means just get more active, walk more steps per day, cycle instead of drive, take the stairs instead of a lift, park further away from work so you have to walk more to get there. Walk the dog, go out on your lunch break instead of sit at you desk.  These sorts of things.

So to sum it up for weight loss, workout your calories for a deficit, do some exercise and get your NEAT up.

Once you know what your calories should be for weight loss, the easiest way to keep on track with them is to use an app like my fitness pal, after a while you get in to the swing of things and what started off being time consuming becomes pretty easy and quick to do.  The other process you can try is meal prep.  I’m personally not a great fan of this as I like freshly prepared food 😝but different things work for different people , we are all different at the end of the day.

I just want to point out with this though, if you are wanting to lose weight, this is what it basically is.  A calorie deficit! Whichever diet you are on, you are are losing weight because you are in a calorie deficit.  And the best way to make good food choices is to understand what you are eating, there is no such thing as a secret formula or magic pill.  If you want to maintain what you have achieved through weightloss then be mindful of what you are eating, know how many calories it probably has, how much you should be eating and you should be all good 🥳

So to set myself up for this, its easier for me if i remove foods from the house that could be my downfall haha like chocolate bars and giant bags of crisps.  No wine either, if I really fancy a drink it will be gin and slimline tonic.  I am not prepping my meals but i will prep some fruit a veg so it is ready in the fridge and I will write down what meals to eat each day and that will help me stay on track.  

I have already pointed out as well that this is not a diet, im not restricting foods ( yes I am removing temptations but that is to help stay on track) If the food fits in to my calories for the day, its allowed.  So the only othe thing to do is take a photo and I will do another one in 6 weeks to see what progress i have had.

Wish me luck I will need it 💃🏽