Have you used a Personal Trainer?

The benefits of a Personal Trainer!

There are plenty of reasons why having a personal trainer can benefit you, such as help you keep on track with your fitness goals, they will tailor a program specific to your fitness requirements.  It maybe you want to gain muscle mass, get stronger, fitter leaner, aid weight loss with a calorie controlled diet, you might want a pt to help keep you consistent with your training.  If you have a pt session booked in you are more likely to stick with your program. You may want to learn how to lift weights or learn a specific lift such as the deadlift.  You may want to build confidence up so you can train on your own and have direction with it.  Personal Trainers can also make sure you are doing the exercises properly to avoid injury.  They can also help push passed where you believe your limitations are.

Personal trainers are trained in how to teach others to exercise, so when you discuss your goals, they will put a program together specific for those goals.  For example if you want to build up a really strong core and you spend all your time running and on the cardio machines, you are not going to hit those goals.  If you want to build muscle mass but you are in a calorie deficit you wont hit them goals either. Equally if you want to lose weight but are constantly gaining, you need to pay more attention to what you are eating, you wont hit those weight goals from exercise alone.

Education about how to perform exercises will help prevent any injuries.  Before you hit the weights room, you need to be shown how to lift, don’t just wack on the weights and start lifting things with out being shown what to do.  A personal trainer will show you how to execute an exercise properly in order to maximise the results.  Everyone is different and that means our abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise.  It may be that one person has an old injury that needs special attention e.g strengthening and lengthening specific muscles to help work on posture, to make sure you can exercise properly without creating more problems later on.  

When it comes to hitting goals, it takes time, we are all looking for that magic formula that speeds up the results but in reality it takes hard work and consistency.  Results do not happen straight away and to maintain the results you have to keep going.  So find something you enjoy that you are happy to put the work in for and if you cant then you just are gonna have to want it enough.  We all have bad days that sometime can turn in to weeks but perseverance is key, when you are feeling nothing but negative, real strength comes from finding a way to keep going.  If you have a personal trainer you can talk through things during these times and good pt will help you get passed it!!

A PT will help set goals you can achieve, if you put in the effort, they will help you stay on track and you will keep going!

Those that have a trainer will generally be able to walk in to a gym with a plan in mind of what they are going to do. They know what sets and reps they are doing, they know what exercises they are doing and they fill confident enough to be there.  Others probably will not and will not be able to execute a good workout before leaving.  

It can take weeks to form good habits and even longer to get rid of bad ones and trying to do it on your own is hard work.  A personal Trainer will help direct you in the right direction, they will help to keep you on track.  There are also going to be days when you just don’t feel like doing a really hard workout for whatever that reason may be, your Pt will tailor your workout to take that in to account.  If you have plateaued and are feeling bored of your routine or maybe you have hit those goals you had and need new ones, a Pt will get you to the next level and continuously keep challenging you.

There are personal trainers to suit every personality and fitness type, it could be an aggressive approach, tough love or more gentler nurturing support.  A Pt’s goal should always be to get their client to reach their goals.  It maybe they set smaller goals initially to help you reach them bigger ones, it will keep you on track and help you stay focussed and driven.

Having a personal trainer will keep you accountable which will help you keep on track, you are less likely to skip a workout with one, you are far more likely to show up and do the work.  And training with someone is far more motivating than on your own.

So why not look at booking one today, ask yourself what is holding you back, do you want it enough.  Have you had an experience with personal trainers in the passed? I would love to hear from you. 😃