A 30 minute workout!

Get your 30 minutes a day!!!

For most healthy adults the department of health recommend you get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week or a combination of the two.  This can be spread out through the week as you wish and if you increase the recommended guidelines it will have greater health benefits.  As well as this cardio fitness it is suggested that you do strength training for all major muscle groups at least two times a week.

What classes as moderate aerobic exercise?  Walking, swimming, slow jogging etc

What classes as vigorous exercise? Running, hiit, circuits, aerobic based classes….

Strength training can be the use of machines in your gym or body weight exercises, the use of bands or free weights.

I think aiming for 30 minutes a day of exercise is the best way to keep physically active but you may need to increase it for specific goals in weight loss loss or cardio fitness etc It depends on what you are looking to achieve but as a general rule 30 mins per day will make you feel and look fitter and healthier.  

There is a lot of talk these days too about getting your NEAT up, this is basically your non exercise activities.  So for example instead of driving everywhere, try walking more.  If you sit down a lot, try standing and moving around more, take the stairs instead of a lift, that sort of thing.  The more you move around and less time you spend sitting, this will help you burn more calories in a day and will help you keep the extra pounds from going on 👌🏽

I say 30 minutes per day because that’s how I like to do it and that works for me, as a mum with two young boys and running a business, it reduces my availability of time for things so I have adjusted my training to what suits me and what I enjoy.  It is important to point out however there is no clear eveidence (not that I know of anyway) that states its a fact short regular training is any better for you then longer sessions that are less frequent, if you are getting the same minutes in overall if you know what I mean.  So for example if you can’t take a 30 minute walk, what about three 10 minutes etc.  Break things down that work for you, two 10 minute hiit workouts instead of one 20 minute.  Any activity is better than none and what is most important is making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle.

Remember a 30 minute workout is only 2% of your day

And research does show that moving for this amount of time each day can boost you general health and well being.  

Other benefits include….

❤️a healthy heart, minimises the risks of diabetes and cardiovasucular disease, keep your heart and blood flow happy 

⚖️weightloss, even 30 mins per day can help prevent weight gain or maintain weight loss.  High intensity workouts will burn more but if you are struggling for time just keep up with being more active in your regualr daily routine.

🧘🏼‍♀️reduce stress by exercising and also boost your ability to deal with existing mental tension. exercise releases chemicals in to the body that can moderate our brains response to stress and stressful situations.

😂mood booster- the post exercise endorphine rush can leave yopu feeling hapier and moire relaxed. 

🔥Energy Burst- When your energy levels are at an all time zero, it can be tempting to skip the gym for Netflix but that half hour of exercise can give you the boost you need.  Delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscles tissues.  

🤓improve memory- exercise increases the cells in your brain that help with memory and learning.

💁🏽‍♀️Improve self confidence, half hour of exercise can be the difference between a self pity sob and a well deserved hit of self confidence.

There are so many activities to take part in and everyone is different so you may as well try something new.  Whether it is taking up walking, jogging, circuits or aerobics classes or weight lifting, hiit workouts, swimming, there is something for everyone to try.  The important thing is just to do something and make being more active become a regular occurrence.  Your health will thank you for it ☺️