Try Something New!

There are so many opportunities out there to try something new these days things, such as taking a new class in a subject unrelated to your career, trying yoga, mediation, ride a bike to work, start a blog.  We are all different as individuals and new things will vary between all of us!

All too often when the opportunity to try something new comes our way, we find reason as to why we can’t do it.  That is you allowing your fear to kick in and hold you back.  Stepping away from our comfort zone makes us feel vulnerable and will leave us questioning ourselves.  Should I be doing this? Am I making a mistake? Do I look stupid?  This is all totally normal though, its a feeling we all go through but how you respond is what sets you apart.  The important thing is to not let feeling the fear stop us.  Defeating that feeling can only make us stronger, help us expand our minds and learn more.

It is understandable why we chose to sit within our comfort zones, its a nice place, we feel comfortable and safe there, any anxieties or stress can be kept under control, its a good place to reside sometimes but trying new things not only vanquishes fears but it also helps expand our minds and learn about new things and also about ourselves.

“Nothing new was accomplished from within a comfort zone”

If you try new things, you will no longer live life with regrets, how annoying is it to look back on passed decisions and wish you had gone for it, or worse still see others that have taken the plunge, tried something scarey and come out the other side, learning more about themselves and potentially opened new doors of opportunity.  You never know what you may find, you may not like what you experienced but how will you know unless you try? And if an opportunity comes around again you will have learned from it either way before making decisions, so you become more knowledgeable from trying new things basically.  Trying new things also rewards you with self confidence, being bold and trying something different will install a new sense of self.  It is a great feeling to keep growing as indivuals, to move forward.  Feeling more empowered, like a person who isn’t afraid and who achieves even in the smallest of victories.  

Trying new things also makes you a hell of a lot more interesting, what’s better, having a chat with someone who tries nothing because they are too scared, or with someone you says yes to a challenge, faces things head on even if it scares them and has a story to tell at the end of it? If something isn’t life threatening then what do you have to lose, make the most of the opportunities life has to throw at you, you only have room to grow so why not.

It’s also important to remember there is no rush, in anything we do in life.  We can all work at our own speed, there are too many of us to be all reaching each developmental stage at the same time.  Plus we are all so different, the key is just to keep moving forward, don’t hold yourself back because that will only lead to regret one day.  

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

If you spend time amongst people who inspire you and make you want to achieve more but equally these people will help and encourage you to fulfil these things that scare you then you are half way there “know your tribe”

Have a think about the things you would love to do but for some reason have not got around to doing, ask yourself truly what is holding you back?  I would love to hear what new things you have tried or are going to try ?