Training with Kids – It can be done!

Until about 3 years ago I have always made the excuse that I am too busy to exercise. Having kids was the perfect excuse.  I used to think I will never find the time to exercise, and if I did find 10 minutes to have a break from being a mum, the last thing I wanted to do was exercise. I was shattered!  However, my 10 minute break was always with a biscuit and I was getting more and more sluggish.  I decided to bite the bullet and MAKE TIME!

My husband runs his own business and my kids were up at 5 so my only real option was to exercise with my kids.  I started with short term goals doing small 15-20 hiit videos on youtube and I made it a family activity. George my eldest did it with me and I put out a lot of toys and snacks for my youngest Joey.  Sometimes I made it through the whole video sometimes the kids didn’t play ball and I did 10 minutes.  But 10 minutes was better than sitting down with a biscuit right??

After a few weeks of working out I found that my energy levels started to rise, and I felt so much happier after a workout.  I set myself bigger and bigger goals each week and as the kids got older and slept a bit more I could do that little bit more.  The rest is history!    I urge every mum out there to give it a try and make time. It can be done and with very small stepping stones you can reach your goals.