Are you already slipping with your ‘get fit’ new years resolution?

We start the year with a really positive attitude and lots of resolutions about how this year in going to be ‘your year’ but sometimes I think people set their ambitions too high and are maybe a bit too strict on themselves (me included). I hear people say ‘I am giving up alcohol, chocolate and eating salads until I’m my perfect weight’ Just the thought of this makes us rebel and binge on all the things we promised to give up.

Here are some tips to start your journey to a fitter 2018:

Don’t do it alone

Try and get a friend to work out with you, set yourself days of the week you want to train and spur each other on. If you cant find a friend have a look on Instagram and start following fitness professionals that will motivate you. Feel free to email me and I can add you to my mailing list for fitness inspiration.

Make Time

I understand our daily life’s can be hectic and sometimes we put exercise off due to being so busy. The truth is though all of us find time to watch our favourite programmes or look through our facebook/twitter feed a few times a day. MAKE TIME! Get up earlier and get it done or grab 30 minutes straight after the kids go to bed. I know it’s the very last thing you want to do but I promise you after doing it you will feel so much better and actually have more energy moving forwards.

You can afford it

Some people think gyms and PT’s can be expensive and actually for some of us the thought of stepping into a gym or having a PT session makes us very nervous but realistically most gyms and PT’s are friendly and want to help you. Plus the cost a month can actually be cheaper than a night out with your friends so its something to consider. Otherwise there are now hundreds of options online for free. Go to YouTube and look up HIIT, pilates, toning workouts and the list and options are endless. I’m going to start doing some too so watch out for easy do at home workouts that will help you to move forward with your goals.

Do not set unrealistic goals

‘I’m going to workout everyday’ ‘I’m going to run a marathon’ ‘I’m going to drop 2 stone by next month’. Do not set yourself up for failure. If you are doing no exercise now set yourself smaller targets. If you want to run a marathon long term then maybe start with I’m going to run for 10 minutes three times a week. See how far you get and the next week push yourself to 12 minutes or an extra 1/2 mile.

Small stepping stones to bigger end goals is the way forward. This month I am going to be posting workouts so give it a try even if you manage 1 round its better than nothing surely? We all have to start somewhere.

Do not give up and believe in yourself

Set yourself a realistic plan for the week stick to it and assess your goals ready for the next week. Was your plan unrealistic or do you need to push yourself further, always remember Rome wasn’t built in day. Sometimes its mind over matter, you can find the time and you can reach your goals if you really want to. But the only person that can change you is you!

Believe in yourself. Set goals. Crush them. Repeat

You got this people. Go make 2018 your year.