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It’s so important to ensure everyone has a training programme that suits their needs as everyone is so different. Some trainers like to use a one-size-fits-all approach but there are so many factors to consider when training, and ultimately you are more likely to achieve your goals if a programme is designed specifically for you. Your programme will be based in your individual profile including age, exercise history, fitness level, past injuries, goals and schedule availability.

Programmes are reviewed weekly and relationship building with my clients is key. You need to feel comfortable with your programme, and as I get to know you I can tailor a session to use exercises I know you will like. A workout needs to become enjoyable otherwise why would you come back for more?

Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness to me Is about how you decide to work at becoming the best version of yourself through how you move your body and what you chose to eat and drink.

It can reduce stress, make you feel better about yourself, you will see all the amazing things your body is capable of and leave you wanting more.

Health and Fitness is all about balance, no restrictive diets or obsessive training, everyone is different and will find different ways of making exercise and healthy eating work for them.  It’s all about moving your body in ways you enjoy, feeling yourself becoming stronger and feeling more amazing in the process.

Become the most awesome and strongest version of yourself.


Do it with passion or not at all

Achieve Your Goals

Training should make you feel proud of what your body can do and allow you to achieve goals in the simplest way possible.  To ensure you can maintain your results in the long term, exercise and physical activity should become regular, habitual behaviour and this will have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.  

It’s great to set yourself a long-term goal but I like to break this down to a set of smaller short-term goals to help motivate you both mentally and physically. As each goal is reached, new ones can be planned and achieved together. Progressively improving your fitness level gradually and safely, helping to you to propel to that long-term goal or aspiration.

What People Say

I love training with Debbie, her friendly personality makes her training sessions really fun. I alway came away feeling like I had had an excellent workout

Emma Eustace

Debbie is an awesome trainer, knowledgable, inspiring and incredibly strong! She works you hard, in a very, very good way!

Emily Cokayne Skinner

Debbie is a very motivational trainer. She keeps you working towards your fitness goals, and you can have good fun whilst doing it. I would thoroughly recommend training with her.

Helen Keefe Barton

Debbie is a fabulous trainer, driven by her own goals and achievements; and is dedicated to helping her clients to fulfil their own goals. Debbie’s experience is diverse, whether you want to get running, weight training, or get into plyometrics and body weight trying, Debbie has the experience to help you. Debbie is fun and… Read more »

Karyn Clark Jones